“The inspector really knew his field”. “More so than others I have used”. “Enjoyed his honesty and integrity”! “Used him for indoor air quality testing”.

Bill H, Arlington

A Thorough and Honest Job

“I used you for mold inspection on a property I was looking to buy”. “You came out to do the job the very next day at the exact time we agreed on”. “You performed a thorough and honest job”.

N. Kay, Fort Worth

I Can Not Say Enough Good Things

“My husband and I cannot say enough good things about your company”. “We are very thankful for your expertise and dedication”.

Ann H, Dallas

No Fear Tactics

“I really appreciated your honest advice without unnecessary fear tactics”. “Mold can be scary, but you did a great job of explaining the reality”.

John A, Plano

An Educational Report

“I appreciate the response and professional report provided”.  “The explanations are great and I’ve shared with other officers and our Building Official as an education tool”.  “Haltom City does not employ a Health inspector and we often defer to the Tarrant County Health Department for information”.  “Your explanations are greatly appreciated”.  “We are frequently called about mold, insects and contaminants”.  “The information will be useful to all of us on staff”.

Darla S, Code Enforecement

Extremely Happy

“You did an excellent job of simplifying the results and giving us a layperson’s explanation of common risks in a home”. “We have been extremely happy with how easily we can get in touch with you after his inspection for follow-up questions”.

Johnathan M, Dallas

God Bless You

“Thank you so much for your rapid and honest upfront advice”. “That is exactly what i have been thinking of doing”. “If I determine there is need for your services i will contact you to proceed with what you think best”. “I feel you are an honest company as you didn’t jump on a chance to make money”. “That speaks volumes about one’s character”. “Thanks again and I will be in contact with you at a later time”. “God Bless”.

Ron U, Fort Worth