Mold Inspections & Testing

we-moldUsually used by commercial clients, landlords, home sellers, property managers and as a requirement for mortgage or insurance approval.  We do not make mountains out of mole hills and don’t use scare tactics.  We simply give you an honest assessment.  Learn More >

Lead Paint Inspections

wexrfTwo groups are interested in lead based paint inspections.  The first group is concern parents and home buyers who have concern over lead hazards.  Lead hazards are things that cause lead poisoning.  The second group is home buyers or homeowners where it is a requirement of appraisal, mortgage or insurance.  Learn More >

weiaqIndoor Air Quality Testing

For those individuals who suspect sick building syndrome or building related illnesses, we test what OSHA and EPA say are the most common contaminants that cause health effects.  Learn More >

Asbestos (Residential) Testing

Popcorn ceilings, wall textures, flooring and other components could contain asbestos and if disturbed improperly, can cause future cancer concerns.  Learn More >

Radon, EMF and Dirty Electricity Testing

In a nutshell, this is about radiation.  Some radiation like radon is natural, until it begins building up high levels inside your home.  Other radiation is man-made like electrical and magnetic fields that is normally produce by your home, products in your home, outside utilities, and modern technological infrastructure related to expanding Internet, LTE, and 5G networks (The faster the frequencies and data speeds, the shorter the distance between towers).  Learn More >