EMF Testing


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We specialize in dealing with individuals. using industrial hygiene techniques, who are experiencing health symptoms and may be exposed to radiation through electromagnetic fields (EMF), radio frequency (RF) and dirty electricity.

We work closely with environmental doctors, others in the health industry and directly with individuals to correct or prevent exposure.

Your home is filled with radiation (EMF).  The only question is; “how high are the levels“?  To find out your levels of electromagnetic (EMF), you will need to test.  To do a proper test, you will need to test for several things.

1. Electromagnetic Fields, Radio Frequencies

Smart meters, bad wiring, power lines, cell phone towers, radio stations and much more produce non-ionizing radiation.

Like radon, these contaminants can cause cancer according to many.  Unlike radon, noticeable health symptoms may be experienced, like …

  • headaches
  • tiredness
  • fatigue
  • fast heart rate
  • ringing in ears
  • chest pressure
  • brain fog
  • skin disorders
  • and more

2.  Dirty Electricity (Electromagnetic Interference)

What is dirty electricity?  It is electromagnetic pollution called transients and harmonics – operating in the 4 to 100 kilohertz frequency range – which contaminate the electrical supply. It is also known as electromagnetic interference (EMI).  It refers to powerful, high frequency electrical energy traveling along the wiring in buildings where only standard 60-Hertz AC electricity should be. This electrical pollution can contain up to 2,500 times the energy of standard electricity.

3.  Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiation is a type of energy released by atoms in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles.  Most understand ionizing radiation from X-ray machines or nuclear plants, but radiation is inside and outside the home.  It can come from dishes, concrete, granite countertops and other building materials.

The most common way indoor radiation occurs is the use of building products made fully or partial from rock.  Another indirect or direct source is planting soil and fertilizers.


Q: How much does a EMF testing cost?

$395.  This is a flat rate that includes all testing cost.  We do not try and up-sell you on additional things once we’re there.

Q: How long will it take

The EMF part of the testing usually takes around an hour.

Q:  I’m buying a house and have less than 10 days to get results.  Can this be done?

Yes.  All results are known instantly.

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

Check, cash or credit cards are accepted.  Payment is made on the first visit.