IAQ Add On Services


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Serving the Dallas – Fort Worth and surrounding area

The following services can be added on to your Indoor Air Quality Test at discounted prices. Add one or as many as you desire.

$130 Mold Screen – For those clients who would like laboratory results of air and/or surface mold tests. 2 test are performed. They can be 2 air test, 2 surface test or a combination of 1 surface and 1 air test. Most mold inspectors would charge around $300 for these test, so this is consider a good value.

$200 Mold Inspection – If you would like a mold inspection along with your IAQ test, you can’t beat this price! To learn more about a mold inspection go here >

$150 Radon Test – Radon gas seeps into your building from the ground and commonly causes lung cancer or problems. It is the number 2 cause of lung cancer, with smoking being the number 1 cause. Learn more about the radon test by going here >

$200 EMF Testing – Electromagnetic fields (EMF) can cause health symptoms in people. This test will let you know what your levels are. To learn more about EMF Testing, go here >

Just tell your inspector you would like to add on a service.