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Thank you so much for your rapid and honest upfront advice”. “I feel you are an honest person as you didn’t jump on a chance to make money”. “That speaks volumes about one’s character”. “God Bless”.

Ron U, Fort Worth

What is the average mold inspection cost in the Houston area?

$424, but can go as high as $800 according to 69 recent jobs as reported by Home Advisor, who keeps track of prices in this area.

What is your price? $395 ($495 commercial) will be your final bill.

We’re the only one who will give you the final cost upfront. Price is for 4,000 square feet or less and must be in the Houston or surrounding areas. For larger areas, please call for a quote.

What do I get for that price?

Mold Air Testing

  1. Includes air test in each major room to see if there is the possibility of excessive mold spores in the air.  This is done by measuring the 10 micron sized particles, which are the size of most mold spores.

  2. All rooms will be air tested again measuring the volatile organic compounds (VOC).  Actively growing mold produces VOCs, which can also cause health symptoms.

  3. Additionally, one or more laboratory air sample will be taken if needed to confirm what type of mold is there.  Is it black toxic mold or some other type of mold?

Visual Assessment

A visual assessment will be done using state of the art equipment like borescopes, thermal imaging, moisture meters and other measuring equipment when required.


At the end of the inspection, we will give you a verbal assessment of what we found.  Then a formal report will be emailed to you, which will go over everything and give you recommendations and options.

What is an honest mold inspection anyway?

1. We provide honest and trustworthy scientific and medically researched information and standards, without scaring the client with mis-information or pseudoscience.

2. Most mold inspection companies give you a low price over the phone, but then raise prices once they are there. We do things different by giving you one set price for everything.

3. We don’t make up our own way of doing a visual assessment during the mold inspection. Instead, we use ASTM D7338, Standard Guide for Assessment Of Fungal Growth In Buildings as an assessment protocol, along with National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s Dampness and Mold Assessment Tool to make sure you get a legitimate and thorough inspection.

Can you make money off of your recommendations?

No. While the vast majority of mold inspectors can make additional money on their recommendations by writing remediation protocols ($350) and do remediation clearance testing ($475), we feel this is a conflict of interest and to be honest … a little bit of a scam. There are two types of licenses in Texas. One is a MAC, which can make money off of their recommendations and the other is a MAT, which can’t make money off of remediation. We chose to be a MAT, so that you can trust what we say.

What type of payment do you take?

Cash, Credit Card or Check. Payment is due at time of service.

How do people become ill from mold?

 Surprisingly, many people do not get ill from mold, but from mold byproducts. Byproducts like mold volatile organic compounds, mycotoxins, endotoxins, proteins and other byproducts. This is why many do not get sick from mold, even though a large area of mold growth exist … no byproducts are being produced. Likewise, many people can become sick when no mold growth is seen. You need someone who understands this.

Does removing mold help improve illness?

 Many mold inspectors find mold and their clients spend thousands of dollars in remediation cost, but have no improvement in health symptoms. Why? The inspector only knows enough to find mold and have it removed and not enough education or experience in industrial hygiene. As crazy sounding as it seems … many people can be exposure to mold, without any mold growth occurring. We understands how this can happen.

I’m a real estate agent and need someone who won’t scare my client unnecessarily. Do you work well with Realtors?

We understand you have worked hard to find the buyer/seller the perfect deal and you don’t need someone to break the deal or make a minor problem into a major problem.

I’m a landlord and/or property manager working with a difficult tenant. Do you have any experience with these types of situations?

We only discuss our findings with you and not with the tenant. However, we are very personable and most all tenants find us easy to work with. There is a fine line and we understand this.

At the last minute, the appraiser/home inspector noticed some mold and the mortgage company is requesting an inspection. Can you help?

We help calm the fears of the mortgage or insurance company and provide simple recommendations to quickly get the sale back on schedule.

I’m a builder and have a new home buyer who is getting spooked by some minor mold. How do you approach this?

We do work for many home builders and know how to professionally deal with the buyer, but keep information private for the builder.