Mold Inspection VS Mold Testing

A mold inspection uses a visual assessment and mold testing is just that … testing surfaces or air for mold identification and levels.

Mold Inspections are usually requested by home buyers or home sellers at the request of the mortgage company.  Out of town home buyers may also want to request a mold inspection.  We recommend that landlords and property managers also use a mold inspection.  An inspection rarely needs testing.  The visual assessment is where the inspector goes around looking for mold, water problems and construction flaws that may cause mold growth.

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Mold Testing is usually requested by tenants and homeowners, many times because they are experiencing health symptoms or believe they have hidden mold.  They may see mold and want it identified and to see if high levels exist.  Other times, they don’t see mold, but think there might be some hidden mold causing their symptoms.

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