Asbestos Testing


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Did you know that asbestos can still be put into building components today?  Visit you local building supply dealer and you will notice products that contain asbestos.

There are basically two times when a homeowner needs asbestos testing.

When You Purchase a Home

An Air Asbestos Test will let the homebuyer know if any asbestos fibers are floating around in the air from past remodeling or repairs, where components that had asbestos in them were disturbed.

Asbestos fiber can literally be floating in the air from home improvement jobs done many years ago.

Disturbing texture, walls, popcorn ceilings, vinyl flooring, insulation, ceiling tiles, mastic, adhesives, pipe insulation, stucco and many more items can send asbestos fibers into the indoor air.

Be safe, before you move in!

An Asbestos Air Test is $495.

Before Construction Work Begins

Contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners can easily disturb products and building components that contain asbestos.

Asbestos testing of components that will be disturbed during construction work can help prevent asbestos hazards and protect you and your family’s health.

An Asbestos Component Test is $395 and includes up to four samples.  Additional samples are $50 a piece.